Monday, November 29, 2021

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Young Rapper Felista Di Superstar Urges Ugandans to Vaccinate in New Song.

The fast rising hip hop female Ugandan youngster Felista Di Superstar real name Nanyanzi Faith has released a song titled ‘Mwegemese’ calling upon all Ugandans to turn up for Covid 19 vaccination so that the country can open up soon.

In the new song Mwegemese, the Black Market Records young rapper sends a message to all Ugandans that we should vaccinate for the good of the nation so that school going children can go back to school since they have been home for a long time.

Felista Di Supersta in her usual bad style hip-hop rhymes says Ugandans should understand kids and business men have been home for so long and time waits for no man therefore nobody should try to avoid or skip vaccination since we are all doing it for the good of our children’s future and the nation at large.

Speaking to Felista Di Superstar after premiering the audio, Felista Di Superstar told this writer that as a patriotic  child of Uganda, She feels it’s not right for all this long she has been seated at home and it is not safe as well for all school going kids to be home since most of them might lose interest in going back or end up developing bad social behaviors which is risky to their future and will affect the future generation.

Felista says that she feels glad and lucky that God blessed her with a talent and will always use the same to educate Ugandans but cannot ignore the value of education as an individual but for the whole country’s development as well.

The song ‘’Mwegemese’’ is the second the young rapper is dropping after releasing another song titled Corona a few months back in which she was calling upon Ugandans to keep home and observe Covid19 SOPs so that they can stay safe.

It should be noted that Uganda is in its final stage of completing a second year now ever since the Covid19 pandemic broke out early last year and schools, many institutions of learning and businesses especially night life economy has been closed as a result of curfew inducement which the government through ministry of health is now mobilizing all Ugandans to all get vaccinated since the jabs are now available so that the economy can open up fully.

Felista’s music career has been one that constantly keeps elevating and shining as she registers instant success and her brand is already attracting companies for endorsement deals.

Signed to Black Market Records, the youngster has a sort of unique touch to all her songs characterized by the easily flowing rap style and mature lyrics that appeal to both young and the olds.

Link To The Song.


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