Thursday, September 29, 2022

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White Woman Comes Under Fire for Writing a Book About the Soro Soke Generation

Soro Soke became a popular terminology defining Gen Z Nigerians, who took to the streets to protest police brutality. And while Nigerians are still mourning those who lost their lives to those protests, especially in Lekki, Lagos, a white woman has decided to make profit off that struggles, stirring heated reactions on social media.

Trish Lorenz is based in Berlin. She is the recent winner of the Nine Dots Prize, worth $100, 000 – a feat which comes with a book deal. For this deal, she published her Soro Soke book.

In this interview with Crassh, she said she “named” the young Nigerians “the soro soke” generation because of their resistance and pushback against oppression.

She said: “In particular, growing urbanisation and access to new technology are defining this generation. Enabled by the megacities in which they live and by access to technological advances – which together offer opportunities that were out of reach or simply did not exist for previous cohorts – a creative, entrepreneurial and self-assured generation is emerging; global in outlook but rooted in and proud of their Nigerian and African identity. This cohort exhibits a confident outspokenness and a tendency for creative disruption, leading me to name them the Soro Soke generation (Soro Soke means ‘speak out’ in the Yoruba language).”

This statement got many people upset, and rightly, too, especially because of our colonial history. Now, another white person is back again to rip off the struggles of Nigerians, to tell our story, to define and “name us”. And all for profit.

It is why many Nigerians have taken to social media to call her out.

See the reactions:

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