Sunday, November 28, 2021

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We’re Not Ready for Conversations Around Natural Bodies ~ Moet Abebe

Moet Abebe loves every inch of her body; stretch marks, cellulite, and she’s owning all of it proudly.

The media personality has however pointed out that despite the clamour for ‘natural bodies’, in reality, most folks don’t want it.

Moet who was host at an event  on Benin over the weekend had posted videos of her gorgeous self on her Instagram page.

However, a particular troll seemed to be offended by the fact that she has cellulite on her thighs and made a case for her covering up the sight.

Of course, Moet served it back to the man, telling him to focus on his wife’s imperfect body instead and leave her and her cellulite.

She then went on to share that,

“Owning every part of me… including my imperfections…Safe to say that cellulite offend people… Something natural??? Ok na…We claim we want to see more “natural bodies” but are we really ready for this conversation??”

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