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“We discovered she had cancer…I couldn’t look after her”, Joke Silva discusses losing her sister and daughter #WithChude

On this week’s highly emotional and inspiring episode of #WithChude, veteran Actor Joke Silva shares with host Chude personal reasons for her husband – actor, Olu Jacobs’ absence from the public, losing her sister and more.  

Opening up about her relationship with her late sister, Joke Silva disclosed that she shared a special bond with her sister that translated into everything they did together. Hinting on this bond, she said, “There are discussions that I have with her that I cannot have with anyone else.” This bond she shared with her sister caused her death to hit the veteran horribly.  

Speaking of the events that led up to her sister’s death, Joke said, “when we discovered she had cancer…she called me aside and said, ‘look Joke, this what I found.’ I said, ‘Okay, we’ve got to find out what it is.’ Then we did the tests and we discovered that she had cancer.” 

After this discovery, Joke Silva wanted to care for her sister; however, she could only be present for her sister’s first lumpectomy. Sharing details on why she couldn’t take on her sister’s care, she said, “at the same time, another person I loved very much was ill. And so, I couldn’t look after her.” 

Sharing further details on this, the veteran said not being able to care for her sister was very hard for her. She, however, stated that she is grateful that a close family friend of the family was able to give her sister all the care she needed.  

The actor also touched on other emotionally-moving issues like her husband- Olu Jacob’s absence from the public, being blacklisted because she was adopted and the loss of her daughter in 1996.  

Commenting for the first time ever on the public’s curiosity about husband Olu Jacob’s whereabouts, she revealed that her husband is dealing with dementia with Lewy bodies. “It’s a degenerative disease that affects the brain, and it’s almost like a kind of Parkinson’s disease but it is the brain that it affects so you don’t see the shaking,” she said. 

Despite the events of recent years, the actor remains hopeful and grateful for life and the time currently being spent together with her husband. Smiling, she stated: “We are grateful for moments of clarity”.  

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