Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Uriel Oputa Prays Her Man Prefers Personality to Looks as There are Too Many Fine Women in Nigeria

Uriel Oputa has offered a very salient prayer where her romantic relationship is concerned and the kind of man she hopes to end up with.

The chef and multi-faceted entrepreneur shared via her Instagram stories that she hopes her future beau is one who prefers her personality to her looks.

The reason for this isn’t so far fetched because according to Uriel, there are too many fine women in Nigeria for her to compete in that department hence, she has hung her boots.

She  revealed that she almost fell inside a hole on Sunday because she was busy admiring a beautiful girl. In spite of this, Uriel patted herself on the back stating that her mother and father tried for her in the looks department but the nose she got from her mum is a little less than she desires.

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