Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Uche Elendu Thanks God as She Survives Arik Air Flight

Uche Elendu is grateful to God that she is still here with us on the earth as the story might have been different after boarding an ill-fated flight.

The actress and mother of two shared how the Arik Air flight she boarded to Asaba crashlanded in a remote place just outside Lagos.

Uche Elendu narrated that after she boarded the flight, one of the crew members had told her to keep her box close as it would save her in case of a crash.

She revealed that she had rebuked the man sternly, warning him to stop spewing negative things but he had insisted and true to his words, the plane nearly crashed.

She faulted the airline for putting a faulty plane in the skies with passengers, insisting that they knew given the attitude of the cree member earlier.

Uche however thanked God that she survived the experience and no lives were lost.

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