Monday, May 16, 2022

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Ubi Franklin offers Advice on Marriage and Relationship

Ubi Franklin is out here offering marriage and relationship advice to his followers on social media.

The music executive turned blogger shared a few on his thoughts on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday, January 20.

First off, Ubi stated that a man shouldn’t bother going along with marriage plans to any girl who needs encouragement from people to give a “Yes” to his proposal.

The father of many noted that most times, people date to satisfy an immediate need ( not necessarily money) but don’t want forever with the person they are with.

Ubi Franklin also added that marriage isn’t compulsory and in fact, most people do not know why they are getting married. They just want a day where they are the centre of attention.

He finished off by stating that there are fundamental issues that should be sorted before folks even consider marriage.

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