Monday, November 29, 2021

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Tope Alabi Apologises Over Public Critique of ‘ Oniduro Mi’

Gospel singer, Tope Alabi had issued an apology over her public critique of colleague, Adeyinka  Alaseyori’s hit song, ‘ Oniduro Mi’.

.The musician publicly acknowledged her mistake, stating that she externalised a personal message to the rest of the public.

“Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalised a personal message in public and I am awfully sorry for doing that,” Alabi stated according to Church Gist.

She went further to debunk claims of envy, pointing out that Alaseyori is like a daughter to her and in fact, she prayed for the young woman wholeheartedly at the request of the latter’s pastor.

“I want to state that Tope Alabi, Adeyinka Adesioye a.k.a Alaseyori and Tolu Adelegan are all members of the same family of God and they belong to the same calling – singing ministry.

“Adeyinka is my daughter in ministry. Her Pastor asked me to pray for her because she took after me, which I did wholeheartedly. Envy who? Never! I love the girl so much.”

Alabi acknowledged her human limitations, noting that she makes mistakes and is still a work in progress.

“I’m not a perfect person yet, I’m still a work in progress in the hands of God. I want people to see me as a mere mortal with my own weaknesses, human frailties and as a learner in the limitless knowledge of God.”

Recall that last weekend, a viral video on social media, showed Tope Alabi critiquing the song publicly, stating that it is so wrong to refer to God as ‘Oniduro mi’ [my guarantor] while backing her claims with caution from the holy spirits from when she tried to sing along.

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