Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Tolani Otedola Speaks on Health Challenge That Has Kept Her Away from Social Media

The oldest Otedola sister, Tolani Otedola broke out of habit by speaking on a very private matter.

The billionaire heiress and singer revealed that a year ago, she was diagnosed with a condition that resulted into the toughest season of her life.

She went further to state that thankfully, the worst of it has passed but the aftereffects of her treatment has made her Hain considerable weight which has affected her confidence he. E, making her social media and real life shy.

Tolani Otedola noted that being a stakeholder in the entertainment industry which prioritises physical appearance made her unable to reconcile the medication which helped get her mind right but affected her weight and kept her away.

However, she has come to the realisation that  obsessing over her body is undervaluing her inner healing and it’s an injustice to how far she has come, reason why she’s stepping out now.

Tolani noted that she is slowly making her way back to loving and making music and thanked everyone for their love and support.


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