Monday, September 26, 2022

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Tisha Campbell Says She Was Almost ‘Snatched Up’ by Human Traffickers

Tisha Campbell has explained how she narrowly escaped human traffickers.

The actress shared this in a video posted to Instagram on Friday, in which she said it all began after she ended a day of filming on set.

“Don’t freak out, but I think I almost got snatched up,” she said. “So, they don’t have Ubers where I’m filming and I had to call a taxi. So I get this number, but the truck—van that pulls up looks real sketchy. But there’s a guy in the back seat, right? So when he jumps out, the guy is just standing there.”

Campbell said the man who got out of the vehicle demanded she get in, but she refused.

“I look inside the car, it’s fucked up,” she said. “The rubber is pulled up from the bottom, there’s dirt everywhere, the back seat looked like it was snatched out and snatched out for a fucking reason.”

She added that the man behind the wheel told her to enter the car, while the second man motioned her to get in the backseat.

“I said I’m not getting in the fuckin’ car. ‘Fuck y’all,’” she recalled saying.

Watch her video:

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