Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Teen YouTuber Shuts Down Pink’s Claims That She’s Being ‘Exploited’ by Parents

Piper Rockelle, a 14-year-old influencer, has shut down singer Pink’s suggestion that she was being “exploited” by her parents.

Speaking with TMZ, Piper said that her mom “doesn’t make me do anything,” adding that it is “quite the opposite, I’m a kid who had a dream and my mom is amazing enough to help me live it out.”

“I don’t think Pink has ever seen one of my YouTube videos because if she did she’d see it’s just my friends and me having fun and acting like ourselves,” Piper, who has eight million subscribers on her channel, said. “The content we make is the kind of stuff anyone can watch.”

This comes after Pink voiced her concern for teen stars who are popular on social media. “How many kids like Piper Rockelle are being exploited by their parents,” Pink asked. “And at what point do the rest of us say, ‘this isn’t okay for a 13 yr old to be posing in a bikini whilst her MOTHER takes the photo?!?!’”

Piper reportedly told TMZ that she didn’t see anything sexual about a kid wearing a bikini while she’s swimming.

“I know there are kids who are being taken advantage of and that’s a real problem, but I’m not one of them,” Piper said.

See Pink’s tweet that stirred this drama:

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