Thursday, December 9, 2021

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‘Tarzan’ Actor Joe Lara Reportedly Dies Following Plane Crash

Joe Lara is reportedly dead.

According to TMZ, the actor who is famous for his role in Tarzan: The Epic Adventures died after a small plane he was on crashed into a lake.

Complex adds:

A Cessna 501 private jet with Lara, his wife, and a few others aboard crashed shortly after take-off into the Percy Priest Lake in Tennessee. After an all-night search, all seven of the passengers were found deceased, Lara included. The TV star played the character of Tarzan on the 1996 series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures from ‘96 to ‘97. Lara also starred in the 1989 CBS movie Tarzan in Manhattan.

A bit about Lara, according to the outlet:

Lara had starred in other fantasy efforts throughout the years as well, including Sunset Heat, Gunsmoke: The Last Apache, American Cyborg: Steel Warrior, Baywatch, and CBS’ The Magnificent Seven. Among the deceased was also Lara’s wife Gwen Shamblin, who founded the Remnant Fellowship Church and created the Weigh Down Workshop, a weight loss routine that was popular in the ‘90s. The two got married in 2018, and the pair leave behind two children.

He was 58.

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