Friday, December 3, 2021

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T.I. Drags ‘Minions’ Who Are Stealing His Style

T.I. is not happy with young artist who are towing his footsteps.

The rapper took to his Instagram to call out individuals who he believes are copying his style. “You can’t compete with the person you stealin’ yo style from,” his message read. And while he didn’t identify the alleged copycats, he continued his criticism with a three-point message:

Message to all my minions.

1st. Don’t forget who taught you it was OK to be KING👑

2nd. Replicas can NEVER replace REAL… But go off tho👑

  1. If we being honest…Y’all can’t even fux wit a picture of me👑 End of msg… 👑🪓🔜😈

The post stirred mixed reactions, with many people asking why he wasn’t bold enough to name name.

This message comes after the rapper defended DaBaby against “bullies” within the LGBTQ community, following the latter’s homophobic rant that affected his deals and appearances.

“Why do words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead to someone trying to attack, villainize, demonize, crucify, condemn and like, that shit is like, now you bullying,” T.I. said on Instagram. “We all stood up on behalf of gays and lesbians and people in the gay community because we thought it was some bullshit for y’all to have to be bullied. … But I don’t think any of us did that to feel like you would now have the authority to come and bully us.”


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