Friday, December 3, 2021

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Squid Game Creator Announces Season 2 is Happening

Fans of Squid Game can rest easy as creator of the series, Hwang Donh-hyuk has assured everyone that a season 2 is definitely happening.

The Korean series which became a huge hit worldwide, raking in 111 million fans just 17 days after its debut in September 17, has become the topic of cultural conversations.

The nine-episode series became Netflix’s biggest series ever — and the first to surpass 100 million views. It has enjoyed a high-profile media blitz and inspired countless Halloween costumes.

On Monday night, during the Neuehouse Hollywood special screening and Q&A, creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk was the first to admit that many of the conversations he’s been having since arriving in Los Angeles, particularly with the press, have centered on the same query: When is season two coming?

“I do have a basic storyline for season two — it’s all in my head — and I am currently in the brainstorming stage,” the writer-director told The Hollywood Reporter through a translator. “It will happen, someday, but as for when I cannot tell you the details.”

Fans went wild for the series, and Hwang told THR he felt the pressure for another season long before he arrived in Los Angeles.

“There was a lot of pressure for season two even when I was in Korea, so I have felt that pressure for a long time. We get on YouTube and see people that have already written season two and season three for us,” he explained with a laugh.

“Coming here and really seeing how well-received the show is and how much the fans want it, I have been getting the same question by the press as well.”

Though he would not offer details, he did tease one general theme: “What I can say is that Gi-hun is going to be back, and he will do something for the world.”

Hearing the big plans for his character, Lee said there’s no secret to not spoiling what’s to come, “because I don’t even know what’s going to happen.”

When reached for comment on the status of season two, a Netflix spokesperson said, “A second season is in discussions, but not confirmed yet.”

Squid Game follows Lee’s character, Seong Gi-hun, after he receives a mysterious invitation to join a game. The invite, which has been sent to 456 participants, welcomes (desperate) individuals from all walks of life only to lock them in a secret location where they compete with one another in a series of traditional Korean children’s games. The consequence of losing is death as the contestants battle it out to win 45.6 billion won in prize money that can pull them out of their misery.

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