Monday, September 26, 2022

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‘South-west only has touts, fake pastors…will lose if Nigeria splits’ – Lagos billionaire

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gibraltar Constructions Nigeria, Olu Okeowo, has given a rather damning verdict on the south-west amid threats of secession sweeping through the country.

Okeowo stated this in a video making rounds on social media, lashing out at Yoruba indigenes clamouring for self-determination.

He blasted Yoruba leaders for not developing the youths, noting that they (leaders) have only successfully produced area boys and fake pastors.

“Those who are saying divide and divide don’t know what they are saying, If we divide today… unfortunately my people here from the south west will be the ones to lose out most because what we have produced mostly are area boys and fake pastors.”

Okeowo however called for a prayer of unity for the country, saying “We need to pray for the unity of Nigeria, Nigeria is going down.”

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