Friday, December 3, 2021

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Snoop Dogg Reflects on His Mother’s Passing: “It’s Heavy on My Heart”

Snopp Dogg is in mourning.

Days ago the rapper took to his social media to inform his fans that his mother passed, and now he has addressed that on radio during a chat with the folks at The Breakfast Club, where he also talked about his beef with Eminem.

“I just lost my mom a couple of days ago,” he said. “It’s heavy on my heart but at the same time I know that these are things that she loved for me to do. To make people smile, to make people laugh, to spread joy. So the pandemic taught me to love people more, to be more up close and personal, and to be more understanding. Because there’s a lot of mental health going on. We all have it but we just ashamed to say it.”

And about squashing his supposed beef with Eminem which seemingly began last year when Snoop said that he wouldn’t include Em in a ranking of top 10 lyricists.

“Man, I love Eminem,” Snoop said now. “And the thing is that we love hip-hop so much, we competitive. We battle rappers. So that was supposed to trigger that in him but we brothers and we family so we learned to appreciate each other for what we do and how we get down.”

Watch his video:

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