Friday, December 3, 2021

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Singer Leona Lewis Accuses Designer Michael Costello of Bullying: ‘I was so humiliated’

Leona Lewis has called out designer Michael Costello who had a lot of say about Chrissy Teigen.

In case you missed it: Teigen took to her social media yesterday to issue more apology after fans unearthed her troubling bullying history, and while many people had a lot to say about her apology, designer Costello hopped onto the app to claim that Teigen drove him to suicide.

He said he was waiting for Teigen to also apologise to him, but while he was waiting, singer Leona Lewis revealed the emotional harm he caused her. She alleged that the “Project Runway” alum refused to dress her for a 2014 charity fashion show because of her size.

“When I got to my fitting I was made to feel very awkward and uncomfortable as the dress was a sample size and he/his team clearly did not want to alter it to fit me,” she wrote. “This came as a total surprise because weeks prior I was told that they would make the dress work for me. At the next fitting, the night before the show, with no explanation at all, Michael refused to turn up. He no longer wanted to dress me and he abandoned his commitments to me and the show which made me well aware that I wasn’t the body type required.”

The alleged incident left Lewis “embarrassed” and “deeply hurt,” she added.

“Because I didn’t look like a model size, I was not permitted to walk in his dress,” she wrote. “I had to sit in the audience and was asked by press why I didn’t walk in the show. I remember having to come up with excuses as I was so humiliated by it all.”

“I was left with deep insecurities after this and I’ve had to work hard over the years to love my body,” Lewis continued. “I know [Costello’s] designs are catered to women of all sizes now, and I’m glad he saw the light over the years.”

And while she’s “not discounting Michael’s experience” with Teigen, she wrote, “The pot calling the kettle black in this situation doesn’t sit right with me. Bullying comes in many different forms.”

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Costello has denied Lewis’ accusations on his own Instagram Story, sharing a February 2015 Instagram post of the singer in a red gown with the caption, “So sassy in my @michaelcostello dress.”

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