Monday, November 29, 2021

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Singer Konga Shares Photos of Gruesome Robber Attack After Involvement in an Accident

Konga shared photos and videos from a gruesome robbery attack immediately after he was involved in an accident.

The singer posted the disturbing images on his Instagram page as he detailed the events that occurred on the night he was brutally attacked.

Konga revealed that this happened around 2:00am on Saturday, November 13 on his way back from a birthday party.

Around Chisco bustop in the Lekki area, he lost control of his car and it tumbled and landed on the other side of road.

He immediately stepped out of the car and realised he was hurt when he saw blood gushing out of his head and nose. While trying to get himself together, four men appeared suddenly from nowhere and stole everything he had on him including his shoes and clothes for a video shoot the next day.

After they left, he screamed for help and they returned, six of them now, caught up with him in front of a church and beat him mercilessly. He was also brutally stabbed and passed out after losing a lot of blood.

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