Monday, November 29, 2021

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Simi Thought Rapture Had Occured During Social Media Downtime

Like many people who had numerous thoughts flying in their heads during the one-of-a-kind downtime experienced by Mark Zuckerberg’s apps, Simi thought the world had come to an end.

The singer and mother of one revealed that when her apps stopped working, she thought there was an ongoing worldwide  cyber attack just like in the movies.

Simi posed the question on her Instagram stories asking her followers to share how the social media blackout made them fe and offering to go first.

She stated that her mum suggested that rapture had taken place and Simi who was holding in TJ her daughter Deja at that time was determined she wasn’t going to be left behind.

“I’ll go first,” she responded to her own question.

“I thought there was a cyber attack worldwide and it was about to go down like in the movies. My mummy suggested rapture tho. I was like I’m holding Deja right now, she ain’t gonna leave without me, ” she wrote.

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