Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Simi Talks Parenting, Points Out How Girls Are Raised Differently from Boys

Simi is speaking on parenting especially how the older generation went about it and how the new generation of parents can do better.

The mother of one shared via her Instagram story to pont out how parents were particular about raising their female children while leaving their male children  raise themselves.

She touched on the fact that the ‘boys will be boys’ mantra was always used to excise bad behaviour of boys whole girls didn’t get that privilege as they are meant to be prudent, faithful, perfect and much more.

Simi noted that the tides are changing a little with the new generation of parents who are becoming intentional about raising both their sons and daughters.

She admonished folks to raise children properly, no matter the gender as everyone is capable of “fucking up or doing the right thing.”

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