Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Seyi Makinde Asks Buhari’s Government to Reverse Twitter Suspension, for the “Good of Nigerians”

Seyi Makinde has become one of the first Governors to address the Presidency’s decision to ban Twitter in Nigeria.

In case you missed it, Buhari’s regime decided to ban the app two days after they deleted a tweet in which he threatened young Nigerians and invoke the memories of the civil war that killed over three million people. The decision to ban the app stirred heated reactions across the globe, with many people calling this tenure a “dictatorship.”

Now, Gov. Makinde has reached out to him via Twitter, meaning that he is tweeting via a VPN, establishing a secure connection from a different location other than Nigeria.

“I believe the Federal Government should be actively interested in how certain policies and action will affect investor confidence,” he said in his tweet, adding, “I, therefore, use this medium to appeal to the Federal Government to reverse this suspension for the greater good of Nigerians.”

He said a lot more. See his full statement:

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