Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Ruggedman Celebrates Birthday With Stunning Photos

Ruggedman aka Ruggedybaba is a year older today and has released new photos to mark the occasion.

The rapper/singer/activist posted stunning images of himself via his official Instagram handle as he thanked God for his new year.

Ruggedman also made sure to express gratitude to his mother and sisters whom he referred to as the pillars of his life as well as friends and supporters who have been along for the ride of his journey.

“I want to use my special day, my birthday to appreciate and thank God as I always do.
Father take all the glory. They don’t know whats coming.
“I want to also appreciate my mum and sisters who have been pillars in my life 🙏
Then also appreciate all the great friends and people who have been real to and with me. God bless you all.

““A man does not live for himself alone in this mortal body to work for it alone, but he lives also for all men on earth; rather, he lives only for others and not for himself. To this end he brings his body into subjection that he may the more sincerely and freely serve others.”
👆 describes me, but without support the strongest will weaken.

I AM WAITING FOR MY GIFTS 😄😄,” he wrote.

See his new photos below.

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