Friday, December 3, 2021

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Revealed! Why Boko Haram insurgents are surrendering

Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram entered a new dimension recently with the insurgents surrendering in droves.

While many – including security experts – have warned against the strategy of embracing ‘repentant’ terrorists, more reasons have emerged on why the insurgents are surrendering to Nigerian troops.

Sources close to the military campaign say one of the primary reasons for the mass surrender is infighting that broke out after the killing of former leader Sheikh Abubakar Shekau.

A Boko Haram Terrorists Commander, Adamu Rugurugu, who had slaughtered hundreds in Gwoza town and instilled fear among the people, told Nigerian soldiers at the time of his surrender that it was not hunger in the bushes that forced them out but the Nigeria’s military olive branch offered them and the sincerity of the government in the amnesty it offers.

Adamu Rugurugu who spoke in Hausa said, “Hunger as being insinuated was not the reason for the surrendering of fighters but the results of extensive counter-insurgency messaging by the soldiers. The Borno State governor who has been a victim of an attack by the terrorists on several occasions when he traveled to the liberated local government areas did not lose hope that under his leadership the state will enjoy peace and see the return of fighters under the civil authorities. ”

Also speaking on the surrendering of Boko Haram fighters to troops, Malam Saleh Al-Sunusi, an Islamic scholar with information about the terrorist organization said it was informed by the continuous disagreement among the commanders, DailyPost writes.

“You may be aware that there were some changes in the ranking of ISWAP recently. The marriage between Shekau’s Boko Haram and Al-Barnawi’s ISWAP was meant to be a unity that would strengthen the ranks and purpose of their common goals. But since coming together, issues and matters arising from within did not allow the kind of convenience expected in the union. There are still issues of struggles for who leads the fighters amongst the many commanders, thus resulting in internal wrangling.

“The information we got from the groups is that where a Shekau commander is leading, the ISWAP commander whose position was kind of reshuffled to allow a Shekau man to take his place resulted in operational failure as a result of sabotage. Sometimes they still shoot themselves over positions. Since coming together, the group had several meetings only to understand themselves but still ego, pride and other negative influences could not allow them to come to terms. For me, I believe it is the prayers of the people that keep confusing them,” he said.

Meanwhile, many of the terrorists are said to be coming out from the Sambisa Forest and the Lake Chad axis following a no holds barred and relentless unleashing of land bombardments by the Nigerian Army with artillery and infantry firepower while the Nigerian Air Force is dropping sorties with precision and leveling their hideouts in caves and enclaves.

There are however fears in Borno that the insurgents may be plotting to takeover the state from within as witnessed in the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan.

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