Monday, August 15, 2022

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‘Prepare for war if you want to break Nigeria’ – ACF

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has opposed growing calls for the breakup of Nigeria, saying it would lead to war and bloodshed.

The ACF said Nigeria had experienced war before and does not want a repeat of the bloodshed.

In an interview with TheNation, The ACF National Publicity, Emmanuel Yawe, said it was in the best interest of every component part of the country to stick together.

He said, “Nigeria is a free country and everyone is entitled to his opinion. ACF does not believe in secession and we don’t want to engage in an argument with those who believe in secession; there is no meeting point, we believe in one Nigeria. They don’t, so how can we engage them?

“We don’t want secession, they want it, so let them go ahead with it. But, I don’t know how they want to achieve it. It is very difficult to break away without war and we don’t want war.

“Because we know it is going to be a messy affair dividing Nigeria, it is going to lead to bloodshed, we don’t want it.

“We have experienced war before, we don’t want it again. The suffering, human waste, material waste are not our desire.

“So, we don’t want secession and we don’t want to argue with people who want to break up the country. We want the country to remain as one,” he said.

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