Monday, November 29, 2021

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Pregnant Ko, Covenant Ni; Simi Isn’t Here For People Forcing Another Pregnancy Down Her Throat

Simi has sent a stern warning to folks who are trying to force another pregnancy down her throat.

The singer and mum to one-year-old daughter,’Deja isn’t finding it funny anymore as has made sure to make her mind known.

Simi shared a photo of ‘Deja up to usual toddler antics and apparently started to get messages that she must be pregnant, reason why her daughter was acting in that manner.

She immediately addressed it, saying,

“Lotta people say babies do that when their mom is pregnant. She did that months ago too, and I seen no baby. Don’t let me block you ok?

She later added, “Pregnant ko, covena ni,” in her response.

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