Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Piers Morgan Says British Princes be Prevented from Marrying American Women

It looks like Piers Morgan’s grouse with Meghan Markle has extended to all American women as he opines that British princes be stopped from marrying them.

Morgan who is a heavy critic of Meghan Markle following #Megxit, shared his thoughts just a few days before the Sussexes’ tell-all interview will air

To buttress his point, he drew similarities between American socialite, Wallis Simpson and Markle.

Qallia Simpson was an American socialite and divorcee who married King Edward VIII, Harry’s great uncle.

Edward VIII who was king for only 326 days,had to abdicate the British throne when it was clear he couldn’t marry Qallia and remain king.

He was the shortest reigning monarch in British history.

Prince Harry’s great- grandfather, George VI, younger brother to Edward VIII, became king afterwards.

Sharing a side by side photo of Wallis and Meghan who appeared similarly dressed; (Meghan wore a dress that has now been compared to a floral dress Wallis Simpson wore in a photo taken before King Edward abdicated the throne to marry her and also styled her hair similarly for her interview with Oprah), Piers Morgan wrote;

“Might be time to ban our Princes from marrying American women.”

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