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Piers Morgan Calls Amber Heard a ‘Liar’: “Why Should We Believe Anything Else She Says?”

Piers Morgan has joined many others on social media in calling Amber Heard a liar.

In case you aren’t following the drama: Johnny Depp, Heard’s ex-husband, sued her for $50 million over a ‘defamatory’ piece she reportedly wrote about him in December 2018 for the Washington Post, in which she claimed she suffered domestic violence during her marriage.

Depp has denied abusing her, while Heard has recently accused him of the most vicious rape and physical assault.

Yesterday, her cross-examination began in a Virginia court, with Depp’s attorney boring holes through her story:

  1. Heard never sought medical help despite all the vicious assault she claimed Depp inflicted on her – like raping her so hard with a liquor bottle she bled from her vagina; punching her so hard with his heavily ringed fingers that she broke her lips and nose and face. Despite these shocking claims, neither her doctors nor nurses nor police nor Depp’s security saw her with bruises.
  2. Heard claimed she donated the entirety of the $7 million settlement she got during their divorce to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles to support suffering and dying children. She said she never wanted Depp’s money. However, evidence surfaced in court that she never donated that money. Instead, it was her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk who gave about $500k or more in her name. Depp’s attorney grilled her hard yesterday on the stand before Heard admitted that she didn’t give the money. And this comes years after she went around to presses and even in a UK court, claiming that she donated all of that money to the listed charities.

Anyway, this got many people questioning Amber’s stories, with Piers Morgan saying that if she could lie all these years (it’s been over four years since she received the money from Depp); if she could lie about giving money to dying children or the ACLU, then nothing she says is true.

“So Amber Heard’s a liar.. and if she’s lying about paying money to charity, why should we believe anything else she says?” asked Piers Morgan, stirring major reactions with Depp’s supporters, who said they have been trying to get the world to see what a “liar” Heard is.

“Welcome to reality Piers Morgan. The community supporting Johnny Depp has known this for years. Good of you to catch up,” said a Depp fan, @catmama_sam.

See the tweet that got many people talking:

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