Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Peruzzi Shares Details Surrounding the Death of Obama DMW

More details surrounding the death of Davido’s aide and crew member, Obama DMW has come to light.

In a text message exchange that has made it way online, Peruzzi shared details of what went down before his death.

According to that report, the crew had all going out with their boss, Davido before his scheduled traveling and everyone had appeared in good health and enjoyed a good time together.

Obama DMW was said to have left around 2:00 am. Afterwards, he woke up complaining of breathing difficulty.

He drove himself to the hospital to get help and after a while, his arteries reportedly stopped pumping blood and he couldn’t breathe anymore and he died.

It looks like cigarettes and alcohol might have played a role in the sudden demise of Obama as Peruzzi vowed that he was done with those moving forward.


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