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Passing Out in Strange Places, Overdosing on Pain Killers, Zainab Balogun Shares Battle With Stage 4 Endometriosis

Zainab Balogun has given a rare glimpse into her private life; discussing her struggle with Endometriosis.

The actress and media personality revelaed that she had always been plagued with extreme period pains since she started mensuration as a teenager.

Zainab disclosed that her condition was so severe that she would pass out in strange places, overdose on painkillers, take out days from work/school.

She revealed that things however came to head when last year, she had a 4-period cycle within 2 months. This was abnormal so she sought answers.

On consultation with her gynaecologist, it was discovered that she had two torsion “twisted” cysts on both ovaries that had to be removed immediately. During the procedure to remove the cysts, it was discovered that she had stage 4 endometriosis with the endo tissue growing outside of her uterus, on her diaphragm and liver. This was the cause of the excruciating period pains all these years.

Treatment started in immediately with 2 rounds of Zoladex implants to breakdown the adhesions. This left Zainab Balogun in a state of menopause, without a period and with many side effects that were hard to deal with.

It’s been a year since she went through that ordeal and she decided to share to encourage others to seek answers to their ain and whatever else they feel is wrong in their bodies.

Read her full account of events below.

“Sometime in August, God said “Zainab, I am with you” in room and country that I wasn’t physically in. When I was told i thought “aww that’s nice” but little did I know what he meant.

I recorded this clip back in April. It was so hard to do because I couldn’t articulate very well. It’s chopped up to make some sense because my mind was working against my speech.

Yesterday marked a year since my world was rocked and not in a fun way.
I’ve always had extremely severe periods and pains. I’m talking passing out in strange places, weeks off work/school and overdosing on painkillers daily type of trauma. This was the norm since i was a teenager.

Last year I had a cycle that saw 4 periods in 2 months. I searched long for a gynaecologist that I could trust and feel comfortable with. I found this in the AMAZING Dr Kemi DaSilva-Ibru of @thebreastandgynae. Listen, I can’t commend her enough!

Following a few scans, we discovered 2 torsion “twisted” cysts on both my ovaries which needed to be removed quickly. She recommend the PHENOMENAL Dr John Ojukwu of AVLSC who performed my procedure.

After tackling the cysts he discovered mid surgery that I had Stage 4 Endometriosis; a widespread of endo cells and tissue growing outside of my uterus on my diaphragm and liver. After twenty something years of pain, we had a root!

Treatment started immediately with 2 rounds of Zoladex implants to breakdown the adhesions. This left me in a state of menopause, without a period and with many side effects that were hard to deal with. They say Endo has no cure and symptoms can only be managed but I laugh knowing different.

I have danced with what to say and how to say it but ultimately I want people to understand that there is nothing normal about sever period pains or hormone imbalances that affect the quality of your life. It’s not ok! It should not be ignored! I want to encourage someone in pain to look for answers. I hope to share my journey, raise awareness and learn from women who have a similar story to tell.

I am riding the wave with the best family/friends. God really did kept that promise to be with me after all 💛.”


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