Monday, July 4, 2022

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Amara The Lesbian “Apologises” After Uyai Ikpe-Etim Accused hHer of Vicious Emotional and Physical Abuse

Amara the Lesbian has taken to her Twitter to post an “apology” after Uyia Ikep-Etim shared a lengthy Instagram in which she detailed the violence and emotional abuse and she friends endured.

According to Uyai, Amara allegedly stabbed her wife Yinka and made life miserable for those around her.

Uyai noted that she decided to speak out “in the spirit of the new year,” because she could no longer endure how Amara turned the story in her favor.

“In what world would you abuse someone for months and then feel justified in sharing that story,” asked Uyai in her Instagram post.

Read the long post here.

The story stirred a major conversation on social media. And at first, Amara attempted to blame Uyai for the abuse. But seeing that the Nigerians would not let that pass, she returned with an apology.

“I’m sorry about how all of this is affecting the queer community that has loved and supported me since I got on this space. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry. I need everyone who still has any hope for me and my existence to know this, I’m doing better than I did in my past, today,” she said.

She continued, “One day, like I already do. I’d share with you about my not so impressive past, again. This time with more details. I DID NOT STAB my girlfriend. However, we were in an abusive space the first two years of our relationship and we would occasionally have heated arguments and fights that would burn us both and one time we almost burned down our entire house with the heat. God saved us both and we have been together 4years after that and we’ve gotten better and healed for ourselves and each other. I have a video on my channel that vaguely talks about this period of our lives.”

See Amara’s apology here:

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