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Olakunle Churchills and Rosaline Meurer are the Cover Stars for the New Issue of Media Room Hub’ Mag

Featured as the cover stars of the September issue of Media Room Hub magazine are actress Rosaline Meurer, Olakunle Churchill and baby son King Churchill Omoniyi Oladunni-Churchill.

Writing about them, the magazine says:

Love, they say, is a beautiful thing, and of a truth, Olakunle Churchill and his wife Rosaline Meurer have found that space in their world. The bond and chemistry that exists between these two love birds rule the seat of their hearts. The Churchills have remained friends despite the roller coaster of controversy that has trailed their relationship.

Rose is a woman who exudes happiness and vigour after being a first-time mother. They are introducing their first child together for the first time and can’t contain their joy as parents to King Churchill Omoniyi Oladunni-Churchill.

Rosaline also showered encomium on her hubby, describing him as a quiet, calm, and compassionate man who is caring and very understanding.

And in her chat with the magazine, Rosaline talked about her experience with childbirth, motherhood, marriage to Churchill, and more.

On how she was able to get fit after childbirth:

I think it has to do with my body type. I’m still a bit chubby here and there, but altogether I work out sometimes. I still wear waist trainers and eat my normal portions, and basically, let us say that is how I am. It’s my body; it’s the way my body is built. It’s my nature to snap back in shape. Like I said, I’m still chubby.

On her motherhood experience:

Well, motherhood for me is the best feeling ever. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. I feel like I’ve found my purpose, and it’s just so intriguing. I’m thrilled; at the same time, I’m scared because when my baby coughs, I get worried “is he sick?” Does he have flu? He’s usually very hyperactive and bubbly. When he’s not hyper I will begin to say to myself, “Is there something wrong?” So, It’s just a whole new feeling. It’s just different, but I would say he’s my teacher; he’s been teaching me so much, and I am ever so grateful to God as I am right now. I have given life to the world, but in reality, I have been given a new life, so I’m extra happy, and I will love to be a mother all over again.

Check out the photo shoot:

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