Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Nollywood Actor, Ifeanyi Kalu Ties the Knot with Lover, Nicole Ndigwe

There’s one less single man in Nollywood as Ifeanyi Kalu is off the market after getting hitched this weekend.

The actor tied the knot with his lover and fellow Nollywood professional, Nicole Ndigwe in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Sharing how the couple met , Nicole had this to say.

“Ifeanyi and I had known each other for about 3 years. We attend the same small fellowship which started off as a group of young entertainers who gather once a month to pray. I wouldn’t necessarily say we were friends but we’d say hi and bye at most vigils or gatherings. I basically considered him one of those “Nollywood fine boys that probably feels too cool to participate in group stuff”.

“Then one day, I saw him praying at a vigil and was totally stunned! I thought to myself, “Okay! dude can really pray!!!” But I kept on minding my business sha. I recall one time when the vigil was held at my house and virtually all my close friends in the group were hopping in and out of my bedroom. One of them asked if Ifeanyi could come in and use the bathroom in my room and I didn’t let him come in but pointed him to use either of the guest rooms. (Lawd! 😩)

“Later that year, during the lockdown, I’d pray sometimes and receive words of prophecy for him and I would share them with him. Soon, he was added to the prayer team where I was already a member. That was when we became a bit more cordial. In April, I travelled abroad and during my three months stay in the US, the time difference would affect my ability to lead the prayer sessions, so much that Ifeanyi would sometimes pick up my prayer slots upon request. This moved us from acquaintances to prayer buds. We remained prayer buddies until after one of our prayer zoom meetings where we were mandated to have our videos on. He had on a pink shirt that really caught my attention. I think that was the first time I noticed him properly. I thought ‘Hmmm, Ifeanyi is quite cute yo,” she said

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