Friday, December 3, 2021

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Neyo Says He Regrets He Didn’t Write Wizkid’s Hit Song, Essence

Neyo shared one of his career regrets during a recent interview with United States based magazine.

The RnB singer and award winning songwriter stated that he wished he came up with the hit song and rave of the summer, “Essence” by Wizkid featuring Tens.

While speaking with NME, an American entertainment magazine in a recent interview, Neyo touched on some of his favourite songs at the moment.

Asked about a song he wished he had written, his response was swift as he replied, Wizkid’s “Essence“.

According to him, ‘Essence’ is one of those records that just makes sense and he wishes that he had thought of it first.

Ne-Yo also mentioned that he was proud of Wizkid’s moves, adding that he was one of the new generation artistes he respects.

“Essence is one of those records that just makes sense. They could run it back 17 times and you wouldn’t say nothing. I wish that I’d have thought of it first.

“I met him once, real quick guess he wouldn’t remember but I’m super proud of that dude for making the moves that he’s making. He’s one of the new generation that I can genuinely say I respect,” he said during the interview.

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