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New Music: POA Stars in a Tourism Musical Project With the Pearl of Africa Stars

Music is a perfect time machine that motivates individuals to travel from one point to the other. When  you watch music videos and see different cities and destinations featured in the video, there is an  internal excitement that motivates you to visit that town, in a bid to experience the different exciting  places and ideas showcased in the music video. 

Time immemorial, music has been one of the greatest ways of promoting tourism across the globe. This  is mainly since in most instances, music helps in displaying the beauty and elegance of a city at its best.  

The ongoing Pearl of Africa Star search did not leave no stone unturned in this regard. During their  regional tours, the contestants got an amazing opportunity to write, record and shoot videos featuring  one of the Celebrity Project judges. Call it an opportunity of a lifetime! 

First to hit the road where the wise men from the East, the top 5 Eastern Contestants. Together with  Judge Cindy, they put together a masterpiece titled “Take me there”.  

The king of Dancehall, Cindy brings her full element to the intro, singing about her love for a man from  the Eastern Mountains. Her diction would make any man envious of the guy in question. 

The cocktail of genres brought together by the contestants, Eric Bikaba, Patricia Muwanguzi, Uthman  Kasirye, Ibrahim Balunywa aka E’brahim Soul’O and Alan Watikha aka Trigger, the African DNA in the  song cuts across R&B, Dancehall and Hip hop in Lugisu, Lusoga, Luganda and English. The lines from the  bridge, “Olwa lero Nkwagaile” will literally rhyme in your head all day after the first listen and before  you know it, you’ll be singing and dancing along. 

The video was shot aboard a 7o7 Safari Limousine, with epic shots while abseiling at the Sipi Falls and  closing dance shots featuring a Sebei Dance Troupe. 

The next stop was the Magnificent Northern Uganda where the contestants hit TAG mobile studio with  their regional track dubbed, “Oh Uganda”, a mix of urban contemporary beats and folk sound. With an  outstanding sound of the Calabash commonly used during the Lakaraka dance, this one will definitely  get you grooving. The Northern region contestants who include Ucanda Pearl, Moro Francis, Onono Eric, 

Opakorwot David and Agami Tony put their voices together on the chorus that is done in Acholi and  Swahili. Each contestant then goes on to do their solo verses featuring English, Acholi and Lugbara lines. 

The video includes shots from a Game drive in the Murchison Falls National Park, the scenic Aruu falls, a  sunset boat cruise across the Nile, with opening shots visiting a traditional dance group in Pakuba. The  record blends rap fusion and R&B. 

The Western contestants including Lowenna Barungi, Joan Abaasa, Bruce Dickson, Mark Musasizi and  Brian Aliddeki get together with Joanita Kawalya and Ray G for a folk song titled “Mwijje” which means  “Come”. Ray G’s introduction in the famous Ankole poetry recitation style, inviting people to visit the  Pearl of Africa gives the song a unique touch, with an outstanding whistling amidst the array of  traditional instruments. The verses are done in a mix of Kinyakole, Swahili and English, to invite people  from around the world to come and experience the beauty in Uganda.  

The video merges shots from a game drive in the Queen Elizabeth National Game Park, on a sundowner  boat cruise aboard MV Kazinga along the Kazinga Channel, Kyaninga Lodge in Fort Portal, overseeing the  Crater lake and opening studio shots in the TAG mobile studio at the Elephant Plains Lodge, in Kasese. 

The Central stars including Joel Kisakye, Carsten Yesuamala, Maggie Wandeka, Sandra Nansambu and  Tracy Mirembe got together with Navio and Lydia Jasmine for a song celebrating Uganda’s Capital,  dubbed “Kampala Kyekyo”.  

This urban melody with dancehall beats will get you dancing to the proudful Kampala Kyekyo lines, as  each musician details the beauty of the city in the Luganda and English dialects as mostly used in K town. 

The video marries shots from the TAG Studios at 1 Hill Drive in Kololo, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre,  aboard the MV Vanessa along Lake Victoria, sunset viewing at the Brovad Sand Lodge in Kalangala, the  Kampala Sheraton gardens and the Independence Monument along Speke Road.  


Videography: Jobson Katondolo & Magerus Maliva 

Drone Shots: Edmond Tamale 

Video Editor: Cyril Ducottet 

Sound & Lighting: Elly Goloba 

Asst Producer: Phillip Mukusaba 

Director of Production – Anthony Kahaya & Olivier 

Audio Producer: Sam Lamara aka Samurae 

Executive Producer – Aly Allibhai 

All contestants wrote their own lyrics under the guidance of their respective judges and mentors.

In real essence, each of these music videos is a call to action that hints to travelers, far and wide, to  come and visit Uganda and experience the hospitality, culture, wildlife, infrastructural development,  heritage, weather, Music, Dance, Food & fashion. 

The Pearl Of Africa Star Search is a 10 weeks Reality Show that airs on Sunday at 7:45PM on NBS TV and  is sponsored by The Ministry of Tourism, Wild Life and Antiquities, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda  Wildlife Authority, MTN, Coca Cola, NBS, Talent Africa, Radiant, Graphic Systems, House of DJs, Uganda  Talent Management Association, TAG Studios, Uganda Musicians Association and Uganda-The Pearl Of  Africa.


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