Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Mercy Johnson Blows Hot Over Incessant Bullying of Her Daughter by a Teacher

Mercy Johnson is not going to stand by and watch her 8-year-old daughter get bullied and by a teacher no less.

The actress and mother of four took to Instagram to vent and call out a teacher in her daughter, Purity’s school for consistently bullying the child just because of the latter’s dislike of her.

Mercy shared that this teacher has so traumatised her child that she’s now terrified of going to school.

She added that she didn’t take it to her heart when her daughter would report this particular teacher for always harassing her and telling how how much she hated her mother. However, things changed when she went to pick up her kid from school and met the girl crying.

Mercy Johnson asked what the problem was and her daughter responded that it was this same culprit of a teacher responsible. A classmate had shoved Purity and she had retaliated. The bully of a teacher who is not even the class teacher had waded in and punished Purity alone without meting out discipline to the aggressor.

Johnson stated that she decided to see the teacher who had made school unbearable for her daughter and on seeing her, this unnamed woman couldn’t wait to get at her and tell her how much she hated her to her face. She went on to say that she would punish Purity whenever and however she felt like.

Some teachers on ground agreed that this person has always had it in for Purity and the school has promised to look into the situation. She is presently awaiting the outcome but will not allow this bullying go on.

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