Monday, June 27, 2022

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Meghan Markle Reveals Her Suicidal Ideation and How the Royal Family Refused Her Help

Meghan Markle spoke about her mental health struggles during her time in the UK with her husband Prince Harry, where they were hounded and persecuted by the British press.

Per CBS, Meghan said that she was having “methodical” thoughts about suicide while she was in the royal family.

“That was a very clear and real and frightening thought,” Meghan said. “I couldn’t be left alone.”

She added that she went to the “Institution,” meaning several senior officials, to receive help for her suicidal thoughts, or to be checked into a hospital, but she was told it wouldn’t be good for optics–CBS reports. And after being denied help, she she reached out to one of Princess Diana’s best friends, but continued to have those thoughts, which she called a breaking point.

CBS continues:

She also described feeling captive, as her license, passport, and credit cards were taken after her wedding and were unavailable to her.

Clearly emotional, the Duchess said her life in the palace was an example of why people should be kind, since you never know what people are going through “behind closed doors.”

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