Friday, December 3, 2021

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Marry that guy! Hilarious reactions as lady reveals her date brought own bread to restaurant to save cost!

The internet has been set ablaze after a lady, identified simply as Boluwatife, shared a date experience with a Nigerian man.

The dude in question, a potential perhaps a member Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN), left a lasting impression on the lady over his unique approach to giving a treat.

According to Boluwatife, the swashbuckling chap brought his own bread to the restaurant where they dined.

The bloke explained to Boluwatife that he brought bread to the date so that they could eat it because the food at the unnamed restaurant happens to be on the high side.

Her story popped up in response to a Twitter user’s request for people to share their worst date experience.

Boluwatife wrote;

“This dude actually brought his own bread to the date said something like “in case food cost for here, we go just burst one loaf chop”

Of course, Nigerians have flooded her timeline with hilarious reactions to her admission.

And the wary dude happens to be something of a hero in the eyes of many Netizens.

Read some reactions below…

@sarahdontcare wrote: “a proactive man I stan”

@Zzzach5 said: “I take bread out on movie dates…I don’t eat popcorn so before hand I cut the bread into lil bits(sometimes I coat em in blue band) and put it in my bag”

@larry_chockode chimed in with: “Marry that guy”

@dkronicle simply added “Ohh okay. Ena go just buy coke and fanta”

Pls hit us in the comments with your thoughts on the daring dude.

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