Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Lizzo Replies People Who Body-Shame and Bully Her: ‘This Should Not Fly’

Lizzo continues to speak up despite the awful trolling she faces on social media everyday.

The rapper-singer sat down with the folks at Good Morning America, where she explained the horror she continues to endure at the hands of people who have a penchant for body-shaming her.

“I don’t mind critiques about me, my music,” she explained on the show, per Complex. “I don’t even mind the fat comments, you know. I just feel like it’s unfair sometimes, the treatment that people like me receive. … People are like, ‘Don’t let ’em see you with your head down.’ My head is always up.”

Lizzo went on to say that she never lets hateful comments get to her, but then she recognises that with her platform she must emphasize how despicable trolls shouldn’t be tolerated.

“Even when I’m upset and even when I’m crying, my head is up,” she said. “But I know it’s my job as an artist to reflect at times, and this should not fly. This shouldn’t be OK.”

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