Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Lizzo Bares Her Ass in Response to Trolls Who Criticized her Body

Lizzo had the best response to folks who won’t let her be.

The rapper constantly continues to endure trolling from body shakers who have a lot to say about her body, and this time she is done enduring the cyber assault. The latest drama started after she showed up at Cardi B’s themed birthday bash in a mesh outfit, which trolls thought was distasteful.

In response, she decided to give them a piece of her mind, and body, by baring her ass at them. “Kiss my fat Black ass, bitch,” the rapper emphatically says after pulling down her pants and twerking for her Live. Later on, she does it again after someone else likely made another mean comment.

“Kiss my fucking asshole!” Lizzo said. “Just for that you can kiss my whole ass again,”

Watch her:


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