Monday, December 6, 2021

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Lil Wayne Says He First Attempted Suicide When He was Only 12: “I Didn’t Feel a Thing”

Lil Wayne has always been vocal about his mental health and now has revealed that he attempted to kill himself when he was only 12.

The rapper shared this during a chat with Emmanuel Acho on his mental health-focused Uncomfortable Conversations series, where Wayne revealed that the suicide attempt took place on a half day from school when he almost got in trouble with his mother.

“I picked up the phone, I called the police,” Wayne said, as reported by HipHop-N-More. “Yes I knew where she put her gun and it was in her bedroom. And so I went in her bedroom, grabbed the gun. I already made the phone call, looked in the mirror.”

Wayne then says that he pointed the gun to his head before he “got a little too scared.”

“Then I said ‘Fuck it,’” he explained, pointing a finger gun at his chest. “Biggie was on. I’m looking in the mirror, so you could look through the mirror and the television was behind me. So I was watching the video through the mirror. ‘One More Chance’ was on. And Biggie was already gone or something. So I was looking, I was like, ‘You know what?’ Start thinking I had to get myself mad and noticed that I didn’t have to. that’s what scared me. How I knew I had a mental health problem was when I pulled the trigger.”

Wayne noted that he aimed for his heart but “didn’t feel a thing.” He added that he wasn’t going through any pain, it was just shock. He then woke up to the police knocking as he was staring at his white walls.

He said a lot more.

Listen to their conversation:

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