Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Lil Nas X Replies Folks Who Accuse Him of Emasculating Black Men in His Video

Lil Nas X has a response for folks who have accused him of emasculating black men in his video.

In case you missed it: the rapper dropped his much-anticipated “Industry Baby” video featuring Jack Harlow, which shows him twerking naked with many black dancers.

While many people liked the video, some African Americans have pointed out the fact that Harlow was with a girl in the video, acting all “masculine,” while the black men were acting “sissy.”

“This lil nas x industry baby video… smh  of course lil nas and the black males are extra feminine and the white male is cool with the girl in jail lol I mean cmon now this is so obvious … the emasculation and attack on black men is so disrespectful,” said the Twitter.

And Lil Nas responded:

“The truth is there is no attack. you view femininity as weakness. you don’t like gay black men because you are afraid of black men, as a whole, being viewed as weak. you cling on to your masculinity because without it you have nothing else going for yourself.”

See the tweet:


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