Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Katy Perry Launches Her Latest Shoes on Amazon

Katy Perry has launched her own shoe collection on Amazon.

According to THR, the singer presented her new line of Katy Perry Shoes in an Amazon Live video where she spoke about her design inspiration and process with her head designer Selena McCartney.

“I won’t name names, but there is a shoe designer, who is male, and supposedly their shoes are not comfortable, and supposedly they said something like heels let women stand in place and enjoy the scenery a little more,” Perry said during the live. “We don’t have time to enjoy the scenery! We create the scenery!”

And the comfortable shoes are stylish too; they include jelly sandals, sneakers with a cherry pattern, and a colorful rainbow mule that she said was inspired in part by her fans. “This glittery rainbow — because each and every one of you make up a wonderful rainbow that is full of light and love and happiness,” Perry said.

But her main inspiration for this collection, according to Perry, was a recent trip to Egypt. “I ended up going with a few of my friends and just had the most incredible, magical, mentally stimulating time, learning and floating down the Nile and of course being with friends and families and loved ones,” she said.

Check out her products here.

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