Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Kaffy Shafau Writes Exposé on Parenting Says Parents Use Kids as Grooming Centres for Their Failures

Kaffy Shafau had delivered a class on parenting via her social media page.

The dancer, mother of two and honourary doctorate degree holder shared what has become education and parenting in this day and age and the need to unlearn some of the age-long dogma.

Kaffy noted that for a parent to nurture a child properly, he/she must discover the child in himself/herself.

She pointed out that the educational system has only been successful in churning out clones who can’t think for themselves.

She also schooled parents with thr bitter truth stating that many of them use their children as grooming centres for their failures and unfulfilled ambitions.

She asked parents to do the work of finding out what a kid is like in his/her pure and natural state to enable the child function at best capacity.

See her lengthy post below.

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