Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Johnny Drille’s Emotional Note About His Album: “I Struggled to Find Excitement and Fulfilment in the Music I Was Creating”

Johnny Drille’s Before We Fall Asleep is making waves already on social media and folks agree that the new album is an instant classic.

Before he premiere the album last night, the singer took to his Instagram to write an emotional note about his journey to the album, the writer’s block he faced, the emotional struggles, and more; which, thankfully, led to the creation of the classic that is now everyone’s favorite album at the moment.

He said:

I’ve questioned everything, the reasons why I make music, the joy and happiness that it brings.

For the first time in my journey as a musician and for the longest period I struggled to find excitement and fulfilment in the music I was creating: the series of writer’s blocks, inner emotional sufferings, industry pressures, and an annoying feeling of unworthiness were taking a toll on me.

I tried to hide these emotions from social media but if you looked close enough you could tell. There was something wrong, something was missing. My devoted fanbase I’d built over the past 8 years had loved and stayed committed to me despite not giving them the album like they more than deserved. Maybe I just wasn’t ready.

Love to my team, my family, my friends, my loved one who all stayed believing and encouraging me to push through and at perhaps the darkest moment of my life I found a spark, of hope, that spark became a fire, and that fire is burning bright in me, and now I feel alive again. I was down but God raised me, I’ve learned and I’ve grown, I’ve reached depths I never thought I could.

This album is SPECIAL, it is a piece of my heart in words and letters written with my tears and laughter, my anxiety and insecurities, and more importantly, my LOVE. This album is for a SPECIAL person, YOU 🧡

I’ve never been this excited about anything in life and I hope you share in this excitement. My debut album #BeforeWeFallAsleep is out this Friday and I’m counting on you. Love, JD.

My story, as expressed in this film by my best friend @timmyDAVIES.

Watch the video below:

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