Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Jay-Z Brags About His Talent as a Curator: “My Playlist Game is A++. I Challenge Anyone Out There”

Jay-Z has a Twitter Spaces chat with Jack Dorsey yesterday, during which they talked about music and streaming service.

This comes less than two months after Jay sold a majority stake of Tidal to Dorsey, and during a half-hour conference yesterday, they duo talked about his motivation in partnering with Dorsey, whose mobile payments company Square acquired a majority ownership stake in Tidal in May.

“I think we were aligned in our conversation, and viewing artists and creatives as small businesses and treating each individual artist as a business,” Jay explained. “And the things that Square and Cash App were doing is pretty much aligned with what one does with their own brand. You create a business, take out a small loan, get the things you need to help you be successful and build it out from there. So our conversations just naturally aligned.”

He also bragged about his talent as a curator. “I found so many songs [on Tidal], my playlist game is A++. I challenge anyone out there…I’m definitely, you know, in the top tier of playlist creators,” he joked.

Check out his playlist below:

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