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Jason Momoa Goes Cold After ‘Icky’ Question About His GOT Character, Khal Drogo

Jason Momoa went cold during an interview session with New York Times journalist, David Marchese following what he desc as an ‘icky’ question about his ‘Game of Thrones’ character.

The journalist has asked the 42-year-old Hawaiian actor if he regretted filming a graphic rape scene during his breakout performance as Khal Drogo on the HBO bit series.

In the pilot episode of the series, Drogo had assaulted and forced himself on his would-be queen Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke, 34.

When Marchese asked whether Momoa “thinks differently about those scenes today,” he replied, “Well, it was important to depict Drogo and his style. You’re playing someone that’s like Genghis Khan.”

“It was a really, really, really hard thing to do. But my job was to play something like that, and it’s not a nice thing, and it’s what that character was. It’s not my job to go, ‘Would I not do it?’ ”

“I’ve never really been questioned about ‘Do you regret playing a role?’ We’ll put it this way: I already did it. Not doing it again,” he added.

But this, the “Aquaman” actor then seemingly gave Marchese the cold shoulder for the remainder of their chat, often offering only terse answers to the reporter’s questions about other roles.

As their time was nearly up, Momoa decided to say his peace about Marchese’s earlier questions about the “GoT” rape scene.

“I wanted to bring something up that left a bad feeling in my stomach. When you brought up ‘Game of Thrones,’ you brought up stuff about what’s happening with my character and would I do it again. I was bummed when you asked me that,” Momoa said.

“It just feels icky — putting it upon me to remove something. As if an actor even had the choice to do that. We’re not really allowed to do anything. There are producers, there are writers, there are directors, and you don’t get to come in and be like, ‘I’m not going do that because this isn’t kosher right now and not right in the political climate.’ That never happens. So it’s a question that feels icky. I just wanted you to know that.”

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