Friday, May 20, 2022

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It Takes an ‘Extra’ Man to Openly Love a Fat Woman ~ Lepacious Bose

Bose Ogunboye aka Lepacious Bose went on quite the detailed journey regarding love and plus sized women.

The comedienne, lawyer and actress shared a clip of a man and his plus sized bride from their wedding party and accompanied it with a statement about loving plus size women.

Lepacious Bose revealed that contrary to popular belief, many men in fact love plus size women. They love their warmth, their thick thighs, their lush flesh and even the stretch marks but most cannot admit it due to fear of what society will say.

She added that her DM is filled with horrid stories of  “fat” women who have been left terribly heartbroken because the men in their lives couldn’t man up to fight for what they wanted.

She urged them never to lose the weight in order to keep a man, noting that any decision to lose weight should be because they chose to do it for themselves.

“It takes a strong man, a real man to love a fat woman, it takes an extra man to openly love her, it takes a man and a half to ignore the naysayers and freaking marry her! Kudos to all the strong men who are not afraid to love fat girls, may your bank account never lose weight!

“Dear fat girl, if you want to lose weight, go ahead; do it! However do it for yourself, your health, your choice….. but never to keep a man! You see, if he’s not ready to fight for what he really wants then he’s not man enough for you…. Pls let him go!
If he loves to be with you but wants to hide you from the world pls RUN!
Most fat girls have the sweetest hearts and are wonderful lovers…. Trust me these men know it!!! They are just too wimpy to stay! You don’t need a wimp, you need a REAL MAN!

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