Monday, November 29, 2021

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Instagram Influencer Slips and Falls to Her Death While Taking Selfie at Hong Kong Waterfall

Sofia Cheung fell to her death while taking a selfie at a Hong Kong waterfall, the New York Post reports.

Per the outlet, the Hong Kong Instagram influencer and three friends visited Ha Pak Lai park on Saturday. They took lots of photos at a waterfall’s edge, at the Pineapple Mountain. She was still taking selfies when she stumbled over the edge and into a 16-foot pool.

Her friends contacted emergency services, but Cheung was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A quick trip to her Instagram shows photos of her in beautiful outdoor photos; she loved engaging in outdoor activities, like hiking and kayaking. She also did stunts, such as hanging off the edge of a cliff with only her hands.

Her IG bio reads, “Life should be fun not dumb.”

She was 32.

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