Monday, November 29, 2021

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Idris Elba Condemns the ‘Brutality and Bloodshed’ in Palestine Amid Israel’s Air Strikes in Gaza

Idris Elba is the latest star to take to his social media to show support for Palestine amid ongoing Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

The superstar urged the world powers to intervene before more people die, adding, “Too many lives are being lost right now for it not to be on the forefront of all our awareness,”

He continued, “It’s the brutality and bloodshed that has compelled me to raise concern. IT HAS TO STOP, there needs to be more intervention before more people die.”

Elba concluded: “We know the power of people can make change and we should speak out in the name of peace, in the names of those who have already lost lives. STOP the bloodshed in #Palestine.”

Reports confirm that the strikes have reportedly left around 200 in Gaza dead, including 52 children. In Israel, 10 people have been killed.

See his post here.

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