Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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I Breastfed For All of 4 Weeks, Lala Akindoju Shares Breatsfeeding Challenge

The world just concluded breastfeeding week this past week and while many mothers celebrated putting up photos of themselves nursing their babies, other like Lala Akindoju could not.

The actress/producer/ new mum took to Instagram to share her challenges with breastfeeding her son, Adeore.

Akindoju revealed that she breastfed her baby for all of weeks and despite all efforts and intentions to go the exclusive route, she couldn’t.

She agreed that after birthing her child, her body did not produce enough colostrum that could feed her child.  She did everything to get her body to produce more milk; massage, pap (ogi), medication, but nothing worked. She could barely getting 20ml after 40 minutes of pumping. Her baby had to be fed formula shortly after birth because her body just couldn’t do it.

Lala Akindoju discussed cracked nipple, triggers from other folks, guilt, etc that this brought with it but at the end the day, a fed baby is a happy baby and her son is well-fed.


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